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Why Learn English?

Learning English becomes more and more important. Language and the knowledge of language enables us to communicate with each other. » Read more..

Foreign Languages – Open for the World

The day is cold and gloomy in Stuttgart, Germany as a young German couple gets into their car. They are headed west for a long weekend in Strasbourg, France, which is just across the border from Stuttgart. The drive should take about an hour and a half. The moment they cross the border, the sun finally peeps through the clouds. Any concerns about a foreign language are far from their minds. They decide to stop and have lunch. Once seated, menus are presented. Everything is written in French, but the German couple effortlessly reads the menu and gives their order to the French waitress in fluent French. » Read more..

The English Language

The English language is the native language for almost 400 million people, and at least double that number of people use English as a second language throughout the world. Today, most professional fields require a basic working knowledge of English, and it is the primary language used in communicating all over the world. In fact, it is the official language of the United Nations. » Read more..

English Grammar

English grammar not easy, but rewards are great

It is a fact that the English language is far-reaching and influential around the world: in commerce, literature/media, and even in everyday vernacular. It’s not unusual to hear English terms sprayed about in other languages, especially with media and film-savvy youngsters. “Cool” is probably used in almost every language in a developed country. Therefore, English grammar is taught in almost every country. » Read more..