Why Learn English?

Learning English becomes more and more important. Language and the knowledge of language enables us to communicate with each other.

A young high school sophomore sits in his English class “bored to tears” as his teacher is explaining the difference between an indefinite pronoun and a demonstrative pronoun. He knows he must pay close attention because of the return of grammar on the SAT exam. He must learn English. He has to learn English because the College Entrance Examination Board wants to produce better writers. They believe grammar is an important component when it comes to the ability to learn English. If there is such an emphasis on Americans to become more proficient in their own language, has English become the universal language of the world?

It is important to learn english since it is the dominant language in world politics and economics

It is important to learn english since it is the dominant language in world politics and economics

In man’s history, we have seen the rise of universal languages in the past. In Rome during the reign of Augustus Caesar, Greek was the language of the known world. During the Middle Ages, Latin was the primary language of communication used by the clergy and the nobility. The peasants could neither read nor write. As England began its conquest of the known world during the 18th century, British English began to emerge as the dominant language. The dominance of the English language continued to grow with the rebellion of the colonies, the establishment of the United States of America and its continued prominence in economics and world politics.

In the 21st century, it is very important to learn English. It is the main language of general business, management and research. The majority of the internet is in English. English is more widely spoken than any other language in the world. The majority of the world’s technical and scientific journals are written in English. When it comes to mass communication, five of the largest broadcast companies in the world transmit their news in English to millions of people on a daily basis. The people of developing countries are finding it a necessity to learn English because more American jobs are being outsourced to these countries. In order to get these jobs and raise their standards of living, these people must make an effort to learn English. It has become a priority to learn English not only for people in other countries but for Americans also. Photo: Patrick Gruban

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